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The Digital Workspace for Creators & Managers

The Digital Workspace for Creators and Managers

Everything you need to manage your Creator business

Monitor your revenue & audience growth in one view

Grow your audience

By using a Superlink you always crosspromote your accounts and get a ton of new followers, passively!

Make more money

Make it easy for advertisers to see your stats and book you. Get up to 3 times more bookings with less work!

Manage your business

Monitor and manage your entire Creator business together with your team in a single place - Creable!


One Link for All Your Links

Share all your Social Media accounts, affiliate links, promo codes, etc. via a single link - your Superlink! Add your Superlink to your Social Media bios (Instagram, TikTok, YouTube description, etc.) to boost your passive income and crosspromote your accounts!



Total clicks


New visitors

Media Kit

Digital Creator Media Kit

Share all your insights, services, prices, etc. with brands & agencies with a single link. Automate updating your data, designing your Media Kit and invoicing! We ensure you get more brand deals, always get paid on time and don’t waste time doing boring back office tasks. It’s time Creators & Managers have fun again!